Hackmeeting 2007 Pisa – post03 – le atmosfere e i circuiti

More postcards from hackit2007.

[More photos plus some links after "Continua"]

Some links:

Night and Day: inside Nerdcore central: a detailed narrative in english with photos from http://www.thenextlayer.org 

Codes is Written, The future is Not on http://knowfuture.wordpress.com/ , great pics and interesting descriptions

pasta madre e liquore di menta, ovvero effetti collaterali dell`hackmeeting by http://reginazabo.noblogs.org/ 

Hackmeeting07 finito by pallotron (http://www.vitadiunsysadmin.net/) che gia` e` sorpreso di quanta gente legge il suo blog, mandiamoli ancora qualche altro lettore, va ๐Ÿ™‚

slides on hackmeeting.org


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